Quant UX Training

August 12-15:
Choice Modeling Master Class, Seattle, WA

Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff Methods to Prioritize Customer Needs
Instructor: Chris Chapman PhD, Principal UX Researcher & Co-chair, Quant UX Con
August 12-15, 2024 at Seattle University

In this in-person course, you’ll learn hands-on how to run effective Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff surveys. The 4 day workshop provides a complete and practical introduction to choice modeling surveys for industry researchers. You will design, author, field, analyze, and interpret results from both Choice-Based Conjoint and MaxDiff surveys using live data.

Join us on the beautiful campus of Seattle University for this first-ever live class from the Quant UX Association! Registration begins at $900 USD (Early Bird rate until June 15; $1050 after June 15.) 

For full details, see the complete Choice Modeling Master Class Description.
To register, visit https://ticketstripe.com/quantux-august2024 (Note: this course is not available virtually.) 

Future Courses

Stay tuned for future classes & locations! Potential topics include Segmentation; additional Choice Modeling classes; R programming; and other Quant UX methods. We are considering virtual options for courses, too, when the topic is appropriate for a good virtual experience.

If you'd like to suggest a specific location or topic, let us know: Quant UX Class Suggestions

Class Discounts or Volunteering

As a nonprofit organization, our classes are priced near the minimum possible, after facility fees, catering, and costs incurred by instructors. Unfortunately that means there are no discounts available, except for Early Bird rates. Currently we have sufficient volunteer assistants as well. For more affordable training options, please stay tuned as we evaluate virtual options in the future.