Coming back for the 2nd year

Quant UX Con 2023

The first ever conference dedicated to the field of Quantitative UX Research

Live across all time zones worldwide over 32 hours consecutively

June 14-15, 2023

We’re delighted to announce the dates for Quant UX Con 2023. The inaugural conference in 2022 had over 2500 attendees and we expect even greater interest in 2023.

Quant UX Con 2023 will occur live online across all time zones worldwide using a follow-the-sun model. Sessions will begin in the US and then move to Asia, Europe, and back to the US over 32 hours consecutively. It will be available worldwide with more presentations, more availability, and fewer conflicts. We will record sessions for attendees to view at any time.

We've completed review of all the submissions and accepted >100 great presentations. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Look for details in April 2023.

If you are curious about how Quant UX Con got started, check the post below to learn the story behind the scenes.


Quant UX Con 2023 will occur across 4 blocks of time as follow (subject to minor change):

Each block will include 2 tracks with unique sessions and talks that are repeated in more than one block. Any attendee may join any sessions, in any or all time blocks. 

All sessions will happen online via video. Anyone who registers may attend any session in any time block, or watch recordings later.

Main Organizing Committee

Chris Chapman, PhD | Principal UX Researcher, Amazon Lab126

Kitty Xu, PhD | Quant UXR, Cofounding Researcher, Cambly | ex-Pinterest

Maria Cipollone, PhD | Senior UX Researcher, Spotify

Mario Callegaro, PhD | Senior Staff Quant UX Survey Scientist, Google

Fei Gao, PhD | Staff Quant UX Researcher, Pinterest

Mackenzie Sunday, PhD | Senior Quant UX Researcher, Google








For more information about our sponsors and how to become a sponsor, please check our Sponsors page.


What is a "Follow-the-sun" Schedule?

There will be 4 separate blocks of time. Each block of time is successive -- not overlapping the previous one -- and occurs at the time as shown in its local time zone. If you add them to a calendar application and set the time zones of each block, it will convert them to your local time and show them as successive entries. Anyone who registers may attend any session in any time block, or watch recordings later.

How Do I Sign Up for More Information?

Click here to join our email list. We'll let you know when information is available, including the Call for Presentations; when Registration opens; and how to Attend.

Will It Be Live or Online?

Quant UX Con 2023 will occur online via video. Individual organizations may sponsor local watch parties, with those details to be determined later.

Will There be Recordings?

Yes, we will record the sessions this year. Anyone who registers may attend any session in any time block, or watch recordings later.

How Much Will It Cost?

To recover associated costs and record sessions, we expect that standard, all-access tickets for Quant UX Con 2023 will cost $25. One ticket will be good for all events and times. Can’t pay? Student and scholarship tickets will be available for free to anyone.

How Do I Propose a Talk or other Session?

We are not accepting additional proposals. The Call for Presentations (CFP) closed on February 3, 2023, with 152 outstanding proposals. Stay tuned in April 2023 for the program. 

Can Our Organization Sponsor It?

Sponsorship opportunities are available to reach our anticipated 3000 attendees. Sponsorship packages are listed here. Contact the organizing committee for further information ( Quant UX Con 2023 is organized by the Quant UX Association, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit association. Sponsorships are tax deductible in the US to advance the association’s goal of education.

Individual sponsorship tickets will also be available, with details to be determined.

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