How to Attend

Attend Online

The event will be streamed using Hopin livestream video during 9am-5pm Pacific Daylight Time, on June 8-9. Please register for a ticket on Hopin to attend.

See the Notes for Attendees to get oriented on how to use Hopin.

For speakers:
There are
Notes for Speakers to prepare for your talk on Hopin.

Attend In-person

The event will also feature multiple live viewing locations for in-person connection and networking thanks to our sponsors!

Notes for Attendees - Please Read!

  1. Watch party locations are volunteers and sponsors who are generously hosting local Quant UX Con attendees.

  2. There is no cost to attend any location. Quant UX Con 2022 is a free event.

  3. It is not required to attend Quant UX Con in person; it is available online in addition to these locations.

  4. Days and times vary by location -- please see the detailed sheets for more information. You may attend any (or all) half day block listed.

  5. In choosing days & times, you may wish to refer to the draft schedule here:

  6. To sign up, contact the site at the address or URL provided.

  7. Please pay attention to the COVID precautions -- a location may have requirements for vaccination or masking, based on company policy and local conditions.

  8. Please sign up ASAP so the site can plan for your visit!

  9. For other questions, check the FAQs, read the detailed notes on each sheet, and contact the host as needed.

Austin, TX, USA - Expedia (Austin details)

Denver, CO USA - UserZoom (Denver details)

Highland Park, NJ, USA - UXPA (Highland Park details)

New York, NY USA - Spotify (NYC Spotify details)

New York, NY USA - Google (NYC Google details)

Prague, Czech Republic - Wrike (Prague details)

Provo, UT USA - Sawtooth Software & BYU (Provo details)

Raleigh, NC USA - NCSU (Raleigh details)

San Francisco, CA USA - Sprig (San Francisco details)

Savannah, GA USA - Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah details)

Seattle, WA USA - Qualtrics (Seattle details)

Sunnyvale, CA USA - Google (Sunnyvale details)

Zurich, Switzerland - ETH and Google (Zurich details)

Please be sure to register to get complete information (and inquire about locations above separately with the hosts).

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Attend

Q: Why are you splitting it up, instead of having a hybrid with one large location and online viewing?

A: Registrations are approximately 10x of our expectation. This plan will allow maximum participation and access for attendees everywhere.

Q: I don't know of any other conference run this way. Will it work?

A: We don't know of one either -- it's the first year and an experiment. We look for the community aspect to help us scale and make it work, and improve in the future.

Q: What if I have already booked travel to the Bay Area? Can I still attend there?

A: Yes, contact one of the Bay Area watch party hosts noted above.

Q: I'm presenting a talk. Can I present in person?

A: Yes, you could present from any watch party or any other location. You also might host a watch party or private meeting on your own, and present from there.

Q: How will it work to sign up for a watch party?

A: Choose a location above and contact the host as noted.

Q: Can I travel to attend a watch party somewhere else?

A: Of course! You could choose any location that appeals to you as above, and then contact the host to attend.

Q: Can I get a certificate for my attendance?

A: We provided this template in which we explained the purpose of the conference. Please make a copy and fill in your name if you need a certificate.

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