Q: How can I attend the conference?

A: Quant UX Con 2022 is hosted on Hopin. With 4000 registered attendees and 89 sessions, Hopin provides a unified event for everyone. Please register for a ticket on Hopin to attend.

Q: How to use Hopin?

A: For speakers, please refer to Notes for Speakers to prepare for your talk on Hopin. For attendees, please refer to Notes for Attendees to get oriented on how to use Hopin.

Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: No, attendance will be free for both speakers and attendees. Or, you can consider one of the optional paid ticket options on Hopin and support Quant UX Con. Voluntary contributions help make the conference available to everyone!

Q: Will the presentations be recorded?

A: No, for privacy and organizational concerns, we will not record sessions.

Q: Why are you splitting it up, instead of having a hybrid with one large location and online viewing?

A: Registrations are approximately 10x of our expectation. This plan will allow maximum participation and access for attendees everywhere.

Q: I don't know of any other conference run this way. Will it work?

A: We don't know of one either -- it's the first year and an experiment. We look for the community aspect to help us scale and make it work, and improve in the future.

Q: What if I have already booked travel to the Bay Area? Can I still attend there?

A: See the Venue page for details to request attendance at a SF Area watch party.

Q: I'm presenting a talk. Can I present in person?

A: Yes, you could present from any watch party or host one yourself, and present from there.

Q: How will it work to sign up for a watch party?

A: See the Venue page for details. Each hosting organization has a contact point to request attendance in a location.

Q: Where will the watch parties be?

A: See the Venue page for details.

Q: Can I travel to attend a watch party somewhere else?

A: Of course! Among the locations, you could choose any location that appeals to you, and then contact the host to attend.

Q: Can I get a certificate for my attendance?

A: We provided this template in which we explained the purpose of the conference. Please make a copy and fill in your name if you need a certificate.


Q: Will it occur live?

A: Sort of. There are multiple venues offering watch parties live; and it will also be available to everyone online.

Q: Do you have travel scholarships or assistance?

A: No, because this is a free conference, we do not offer travel awards.

Q: Can you help me obtain a travel visa?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to assist with travel visas. Please treat this travel similarly to any other business or personal travel as applicable.

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